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   Investment Adviser

  1. Positive working attitude and good communication skills
    Team work spirit
  2. Full-time or part-time job. Attend company meetings and training
  3. Relevant sales experience preferred
  4. Real estate license preferred


   Sales Manager

  1. Have keen observation and insight for the Australian real estate market
  2. Passionate, patient and persistent in real estate sales
  3. Attend company meetings and property training courses
  4. Experience in real estate sales preferred
  5. Team leader preferred
  6. More than two years’ experience in real estate sales


    Marketing Internship

  1. Fluent speaking, writing of Chinese and English
    Familiar in Office and other office software
  2. Good at communication, positive and optimistic
    Have certain activity organization experience
  3. Marketing or media major preferred
  4. Good text writing and editing ability preferred

Please send your resume to the email :hr@jifgroup.com.au or click the below button.

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Suite 3, Level 11, 66 Goulburn Street,
Sydney NSW 2000
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